5 Main Things to Know About WestChem

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5 Main Things to Know About WestChem

Here are the five biggest things we want people to know about WestChem and the way we operate in order to best serve our clients in Western Canada and beyond…

1. Our product expertise comes with over 100 years of industry experience giving you unmatched buying confidence. 

Dave Perry is the Founder and Managing Director of WestChem and has over 40 years of experience in the specialty chemical industries.

Darric Perry is the Director of Operations and has been with WestChem since its inception 22 years ago.

Chris Shistowski and Adam Pahl are our Business Development Reps. Combined they bring over 20 years of chemical industry experience.

In addition, we leverage long-standing relationships with our field consultants whose experience exceeds over 80 years in specialty chemicals.

2. Our local warehousing and distribution make getting the product you need more efficient and cost-effective.

We utilize a specialty third-party chemical warehouse that is always up to date on the latest trends on regulatory and safety.

Did you know? We have data and safety sheets in PDF format for many of our products. If you ever want more information just ask!

3. We have an in-house testing facility and lab.

We are the only chemical company in Western Canada with unique lab capabilities focusing on the metal finishing industry. This ensures quick turnaround time to solve your problems and get the data you need to make critical operational decisions. These include B117 Salt Spray Testing, Microscopic Imaging, Bath Analysis, Impact Testing, Coating Weight Analysis and Certification and Digital Imaging.

4. We have partnered with the most innovative industry leaders around to bring you an extensive line of breakthrough chemistries. 

Our key suppliers have a corporate mandate to reinvest a portion of revenue to research and development to remain leaders of industry. 

5. We strive to provide the best in education and hands-on training, with technical sales reps across Western Canada, help is never far away. 

Our dedicated sales team is both knowledgeable and local. With reps in each main region we serve, you can call or text and get the information you need quickly and accurately.

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