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WestChem Sales Team

Darric Perry

M.B.A, Director of Operations
Serving AB/BC/Eastern Canada & International Customers

At a young age, I started working in the WestChem lab and generated an understanding of our chemistry from the ground up. While taking my Bachelor’s Degree in business, I transitioned into a sales/customer service role that allowed me to fine-tune my problem-solving and analytical skills.

I believe that one of my greatest strengths is my excellent memory. I have the ability to remember the names/details of companies, people, products, competitors, costs, industry specifications and more. When working with colleagues and customers, I can recall a specific detail from several years ago that will help solve a problem.

Recently, I completed my MBA. This was an extremely rewarding and challenging program to pursue while working full-time, travelling and raising three kids. I am very proud of this accomplishment, and it taught me so much more than just business knowledge.

On a personal level, I am very outgoing and always up for trying something new. I enjoy playing all sports and physical activities. I have played hockey all my life and still regularly play 1-3 times per week in a men’s league. I have also recently become addicted to golf and have focused on improving my scores/skills.

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Chris Shistowski

Business Development Representative
Manitoba & Saskatchewan Customers

I have a solid education in foundational sciences, with specialized training in chemistry and biology. These fundamental principles have equipped me with an understanding of the day-to-day activities encountered in the field.

I try continuously to update my skills and knowledge. My commitment to self-improvement is the cornerstone of my character, driving me to excel in all aspects of life.

As a father of four, I understand the values of responsibility, commitment, and nurturing, which extend seamlessly into my professional endeavors. I have a fervor for sports which translates into my approach to life, with the spirit of competition, teamwork and a pursuit of goals.

I am determined to refine (ie acquire) golf skills, constantly striving to improve my game. I have a profound conviction that the Winnipeg Jets will hoist the Stanley Cup during my lifetime. One can say I am an optimist and always looking to turn a negative into an opportunity.

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Adam Pahl, B. Sc. Chem

Business Development Representative
Alberta & British Columbia Customers

Since I was young, I have always sought to be a “high-performer”. I am constantly seeking out opportunities to improve, and be the best version of myself. This is consistent through all aspects of my life; in university sports, in my studies, and my professional endeavors.

Recently, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, while successfully balancing the schedule of university basketball. I have loved applying this background knowledge to my work. This also allows me the ability to learn new concepts and skills quickly.

I believe that my greatest strengths are my work ethic, as well as my attention to detail. I have always had the mindset to be the “hardest worker in the room” and make a positive impact wherever I go.

In my personal life, I love to exercise. Whether that is playing basketball, lifting weights, or taking the dog on walk, I always try to keep moving. I also value volunteering, and have participated in various youth mentorship programs.

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