Ferrocote® 368 BF K1

Rust Preventative For Steel Mills Size : 20L Pail|204L Drum|1211L Tote

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Ferrocote® 368 BF K1 is a barium-free, oil dispersed corrosion preventive providing 3 to 6 months indoor protection of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. This product is formulated with a unique balance of polar additives and waxes that provides exceptional corrosion protection. It offers excellent water displacing and fingerprint neutralization performance characteristics. Its inherent versatility offers application flexibility using spray, immersion, flood or flow-coat techniques. Viscosity 6.5 cSt. Protects many metals and is the equivalent of >25 days in the JAN H-792 Cabinet (ASTM D 1748).

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1211L Tote, 204L Drum, 20L Pail