Ferrocote® 6130

Rust Preventative For Steel Mills Size : 19L Pail|204L Drum|1211L Tote

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Ferrocote® 6130 is an oil-based drawing and forming lubricant that can be used for blank washing, blanking, stamping, and bending operations. Designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces in any of the aforementioned operations while offering in-process and final protection for the formed part. Meets South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) 2012 requirements under Rule 1144, ASTM E1868-10 (TGA) for metal protecting, general (corrosion preventives). This product can be applied by: flood, flow-on, immersion , wipe-on, electrostatic and Spray. Viscosity 20 cSt.

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1211L Tote, 19L Pail, 204L Drum