Tech-Z 1500

High Performance, Cleaner & Coater Zirconium (Manual Spray) Size : 20L Pail|205L Drum|1025L Tote

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Tech-Z 1500 is a premium performance zirconium that simultaneously cleans and deposits a zirconium oxide conversion coating on metals with a micro crystalline coating structure allowing for ideal paint bonding. This provides superior adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance for painted surfaces.

Tech-Z 1500 can be used on all grades of steel, aluminium, and zinc alloys (galvanized, satin coat etc). Compared to traditional iron phosphate technology, it is especially superior on non-ferrous substrates, as it can deposit a conversion coating on these substrates even at room temperatures – resulting in energy savings.

Tech-Z 1500 has been formulated with the latest generation of degreasing surfactants and has superior cleaning ability AND is environmentally compliant and contains 90% less phosphorus than traditional iron phosphates.

The operation of Tech-Z 1500 is more forgiving against flash rust compared to competitor products and will deposit a visually appealing, uniform coating, rangeing from iridescent purple to grey/gold.

Tech-Z 1500 is specifically designed to be used in manual spray wand operations. The operating pH of a zirconium is critical to the quality/efficiency of the coating. WestChem has formulated the Tech-Z 1500 at a ‘buffered pH’ so it operates at an ideal pH over a wide concentration range. This allows the operator to run at higher concentrations for better cleaning and overall forgiveness. This is a unique feature compared to competitor zirconium’s that often operate at pH’s lower than optimal (less than 3.5).

Tech-Z 1500 is a mid/high foaming product and should not be used in recirculating spray or immersion systems. Many operators prefer a high foaming product for spray wand operations, so they achieve better lather and dwell time on vertical surfaces.

For a cleaner / coater zirconium that is designed for re-circulating spray or immersion systems, refer to  Tech-Z 1600.

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1025L Tote, 205L Drum, 20L Pail