TechKleen 150

Phosphate Free, Low Temperature Alkaline Cleaner Size : 205L Drum

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TechKleen 150 is a phosphate free, heavy duty, liquid, low foaming, low temperature, mid alkalinity cleaner. It has been formulated the newest generation of surfactants and wetting agents in addition to using alternate materials to meet new wastewater bylaws for eliminating phosphate-based ingredients.

TechKleen 150 is capable of removing heavy soil loads and achieving a water break free surface quicker than most alkaline cleaners and can be operated in both immersion and spray applications. It is free rinsing and makes it an ideal choice for running in zirconium, iron phosphate and zinc phosphate processes.

TechKleen 150 is specifically designed for multi-metal applications. The mid alkalinity allows for no/minimal etching on soft alloys such as aluminum.

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205L Drum