TechKleen 601

Acid Cleaner and Rust Remover Size : 20L Pail|205L Drum|1025L Tote

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TechKleen 601 is a citric acid based cleaner designed to remove rust, weld smoke, general oils/soils and light mill scale in manual spray or immersion applications.

TechKleen 601 is highly effective on hot rolled steel, as it removes the loose surface smut and carbon that an alkaline cleaner cannot. The ability to remove smut, weld smoke, and rust in addition to oils, greatly improves powder and liquid paint performance.

TechKleen 601 has been formulated with the newest surfactants and wetting agents resulting in better oil/soil removal and helps achieve a 100% water break free surface quicker than traditional acid cleaners. Depending on soil loads, an alkaline cleaner such as TechKleen series 25 – 475 can be utilized in conjunction to TechKleen 601 to improve cleaning.

TechKleen 601 is designed for manual spray or immersion applications only. It should NOT be used in a re-circulating spray system due to the high foaming tendency.

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1025L Tote, 205L Drum, 20L Pail