TechPhos 1000

High Performance, Cleaner & Coater, Spray Wand Iron Phosphate Size : 20L Pail|205L Drum|1025L Tote

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TechPhos 1000 is a premium performance iron phosphate that simultaneously cleans and deposits an iron phosphate coating on metals.

TechPhos 1000 is specifically designed to be used in manual spray wand operations but can be used on all grades of steel, aluminum and satin coat.

TechPhos 1000 will deposit micro crystalline coating structure allowing ideal paint bonding. This provides superior adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance for painted surfaces, along with a visually appealing iron phosphate coating ranging from iridescent purple to blue gold.

The operating pH of an iron phosphate is critical to the quality/efficiency of the coating. WestChem has formulated the TechPhos 1000 at a ‘buffered pH’ so it operates at an ideal pH over a wide concentration range. This allows the operator to run at higher concentrations for better cleaning and overall forgiveness.

TechPhos 1000 is a high foaming product and should not be used in recirculating spray or immersion systems.

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1025L Tote, 205L Drum, 20L Pail