TechPhos 1200

Highly Robust, Cleaner & Coater, Iron Phosphate Size : 20L Pail|205L Drum

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TechPhos 1200 is an ultra-forgiving iron phosphate that simultaneously cleans and deposits an iron phosphate coating on metals. It makes the product easy to run and highly operator friendly.

TechPhos 1200 can be used on all grades of steel and has a specialty additive to improve etch/cleaning on aluminum and non-ferrous substrates.

TechPhos 1200 will deposit micro crystalline coating structure allowing ideal paint bonding. This provides superior adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance for painted surfaces, along with a visually appealing iron phosphate coating ranging from iridescent purple to blue gold. In many cases, gold coating indicates a high coating weight deposit.

TechPhos 1200 has high detergency and is low foaming at temperatures above 110F.

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205L Drum, 20L Pail