TechPhos 1250

High Performance, Low Temperature, Cleaner & Coater, Multi-Metal Iron Phosphate Size : 205L Drum

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TechPhos 1250 is a cleaner/coater iron phosphate that is specifically designed to operate at low temperatures. Is has been specially formulated with state-of-the-art surfactants that provide superior degreasing at low temperatures. In addition, the accelerator package will quicky produce a uniform conversion coating at much lower temperatures than traditional iron phosphates.

It is the ideal product for systems that have large tank volumes and temperature reductions can result in significant annual energy savings; or in systems/equipment that have difficulty maintaining higher bath temperatures.

TechPhos 1250 can be used on all grades of steel and has a specialty additive to improve etch/cleaning on aluminum and non-ferrous substrates.

TechPhos 1250 deposits a micro crystalline coating structure that allows ideal paint bonding. This provides superior adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance for painted surfaces.

TechPhos 1250 is low foaming at room temperature, but can also run at elevated temperatures. It is designed to be run in re-circulating systems (Spray or Immersion) and is not the ideal choice for manual spray wand.

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205L Drum