TechPhos 1400

Ultra-Forgiving, Cleaner & Coater, Iron Phosphate Size : 20L Pail|205L Drum|1025L Tote

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TechPhos 1400 is a cleaner/coater iron phosphate that is specifically designed for blasted steel or lines that require extra flash rust protection. It contains a specialty accelerator additive that makes it ultra-forgiving in dry down/line stoppage scenarios and makes it ideal for running sensitive substrates. Ultimately, providing superior flash rust protection and ease of operation.

TechPhos 1400 will deposit micro crystalline coating structure allowing ideal paint bonding. This provides superior adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance for painted surfaces, along with a visually appealing iron phosphate coating ranging from iridescent purple to blue.

TechPhos 1400 is low foaming at room temperature but can also run at elevated temperatures. It is designed to be run in re-circulating systems and is not the ideal choice for manual spray wand.

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1025L Tote, 205L Drum