WestChem Technologies – Why We’re Different

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WestChem Technologies – Why We’re Different

1. Quicker Response Time

Our chain of command is significantly shorter and we can make decisions to solve problems instantly.

Did you know?

Compared to global competitors, our response rate is 48.3% faster.

Are you tired of calling a call center for orders, quotes and issues? The best way to get the answers you need now is to contact our team or click here to search products and get the quote you need now!

2. Local Distribution

Faster delivery times mean no downtime for the customer.

Did you know?

WestChem has warehousing in all provinces we serve.

Stock shortages and downtime can cost a manufacturing company thousands of dollars every day or even every hour.

3. Local Lab

Fast and reliable turn-around time on all lab projects.

Did you know?

The only company with a lab in Western Canada.

If you have a problem, you need it solved NOW – you can’t wait 2 weeks to receive results and solutions.

4. Custom Product Options

We understand that your needs are different.

Did you know?

We can formulate products for specific customer requirements and applications.

Why settle for rigid product formulas that are designed for the masses?

5. Single Source Supplier

From Fabrication, Machining, Finishing and Assembly.

Did you know?

We can supply chemical products through the ENTIRE manufacturing process.

This allows us to offer bundled pricing and volume discounts. Ultimately, streamlining your supplier base and saving you money.


WestChem Technologies is a specialty chemical supplier of pre-treatment, plating, metalworking fluids, lubricants and industrial cleaning chemistry.

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