WestKleen XBlast – Blast Replacement – Scale & Rust Remover

WestKleen XBlast – Blast Replacement – Scale & Rust Remover

WestKleen XBlast is a gelled product which is used to remove rust, mill scale, laser scale, and weld smoke from hot rolled steel parts.

It is a proven alternative to blasting as it removes rust and scale exposing the bare substrate.

WestKleen XBlast is a single component acidic gel concentrate containing specific inhibitors that protect mild steel while accelerating the acid action in dissolving corrosion and scale accumulation. It is phosphate and APE-free. It is used at 100% concentration and manually sprayed on parts via air pump or brushed.

In this video, the XBlast dwelled on the part for 1 minute and 30 seconds before being rinsed off at high pressure. The results are astonishing.

This product is available in two sizes: 20L Pail and a 205L Drum. Click here for a quote on WestKleen XBlast.

There are several variations in the application process and should be assessed before using. Your WestChem Representative will recommend the required steps in the process. Contact us for more information on this product, as well as our blast replacement technology.


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